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Keep your vehicles as clean as your home. CitruSolution protects against premature wear and dips in resale value by giving your vehicles the deep clean they deserve.

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"Great service! My house smells so good. Chad was courteous and very thorough. I will definitely use them again!"

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our process

professional Auto/ Boat/ RV carpet cleaning

We spend so much time in our cars we call them our "second home". Life happens; baseball practice, dance lessons, or just a busy Monday morning, your car's going to get dirty. Our natural citrus-based cleaning process will refresh your vehicle interiors, leaving it as fresh as the day you got it.

why citruSolution?

We’re more than just carpet cleaners.  Here at CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Birmingham AL we recognize that your cleaning needs go beyond your home.  Whether it’s your car, boat or RV your vehicles are constantly exposed to soiling from dirt, spills, and even your family pet. Let’s face it, a simple vacuuming of the interior is not sufficient enough to thoroughly remove the containments found in a car, boat or RV carpets and upholstery.  Don’t let your vehicles interior go uncared for.  Just like the furniture in your home, excessive soiling can cause premature wear and tear not to mention lower the resale value significantly.

the CitruSolution process

As you’ve probably noticed, applying a grocery store spot cleaner, or over the counter freshener, simply isn’t enough, and oftentimes cause the appearance of furniture to worsen.  In order to keep the fabrics looking and feeling their best, a professional cleaning treatment is a must, and often recommended by furniture manufacturers.

bacteria removal

Pet accidents carry bacteria and other germs that can be harmful to your family. Pet urine is acidic, making it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. As these bacteria continue to grow in your carpet, the odor worsens and oxidizes your carpet. This can change the carpet fibers’ color, and can be permanent unless it’s removed quickly. Our cleaning process completely removes the bacteria and germs from any little accidents.

reduce allergens

Regular carpet cleaning can also reduce your family’s allergen triggers, because both the odor and the urine itself are removed. Pet urine is particularly bad for allergies, especially as it accumulates over time. Chemicals can also contribute to your family’s allergies, so a non-toxic solution is important. In addition to removing pet spots, our HEPA vacuums will remove additional pet dander for a fresh, clean carpet.

restore aesthetics

While your family’s health is paramount, you also want your home to look nice. Effectively removing pet spots can restore your home’s carpets to like-new status, and help you enjoy spending time in each room once again. If you’ve spent time using steam cleaning methods, you’ll be surprised with the change that can happen when you make the switch!

Natural & safe

Our unique process uses limited water to minimize drying time and potential mold growth. We apply CitruSolution with a hand operated sprayer, andactivated with a rotary Brush and Bonnet. This activation neutralizes germs, allergens, spots, and embedded soilswhile bringing them to the surface.Afterwards, we vacuum with a Lindhaus HealthPro Vacuum to remove the surface soils. This process truly cleans the carpet fibers to remove pet spots and odor, and you can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning.

The citruSolution promise

6 months warranty

If you're not happy with the results, just give us a call. We'll come back and make it right - no questions, no hassles.

Our commitment to you is to ensure your total satisfaction.
Stain reappearance warranty
Stain reappearance warranty
Stain reappearance warranty
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